Uncharted 4 tops the game charts


Uncharted 4 tops the game charts

Uncharted 4 is out, and it seems people are very excited indeed as it's the biggest selling game of the week.

Despite only appearing on a single console, Uncharted 4 won the week on physical sales in the UK, according to Eurogamer. It also shows that the series has never been more popular, with sales up 66 percent on previous entry Uncharted 3 back in 2011.

That's very impressive, and shows just how much love for the series is out there - and how difficult it's going to be for Sony to say goodbye to it forever. We wouldn't be massively surpsised to see it return in some form in the future.

The other major new entry was Doom which debuted at second place. It has been a pretty incredible 12 years since the last Doom game and reviews for the new title have been hugely positive. This one could have legs.

Here's the rest of the UK top 10, which only includes physical releases.

Uncharted 4
COD: Blops 3
Ratchet & Clank
The Division
Far Cry Primal
Lego Marvel Avengers
Star Wars Battlefront

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