Uncharted Trilogy Remastered Could Be On the Way to PS4!


Uncharted Trilogy Remastered Could Be On the Way to PS4!

Uncharted 1 was the first game I picked up when I came late to the PlayStation 3 party, and it was glorious.

The graphics, the smooth controls and animation and the quirky humour brought to life by performance and voice artist Nolan North created a world like nothing I had ever seen before. Then Uncharted 2 was even better.

With the launch of new PlayStation hardware in the PS4 and the announcement of Uncharted 4 coming to the new console in the not so distant future, there's another release which seems all but guaranteed to happen - a remastered version of the Uncharted trilogy for PS4.

We've already had a new version of The Last of Us and many rumours about another take on Beyond: Two Souls, so Naughty Dog's blockbuster feels like a foregone conclusion. We might be one step closer to that with a leaked image which turned up on the PlayStation Blog.

The post is all about the PS4 finally getting the YouTube, delivering full 1080p video streaming and also the chance to upload video straight to the service. That's interesting enough on its own, but the post originally appeared with this embedded image...

For fans, that's very clearly an image from the ridiculously good Uncharted 2 (even if the file is named Uncharted 3) and presumably this is supposed to show the upload screen from the PS4 interface. Given that neither of these games are currently available for the new gen system, that could be quite the scoop!

There are other possible explanations - like this being a grab from a PlayStation Now session - but for right now we're going to choose to believe that a magical announcement is on the way from Sony and Naughty Dog.

Uncharted 4 is set for release on PS4 some time in 2015.

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