Undertale has an update which makes it even better


Undertale has an update which makes it even better

If you're at all interested in the indie game scene you can't possibly have missed Undertale - it's an utterly unique role playing game which gives you the opportunity to approach every potential 'battle' in a way which is more thoughtful and much less violent than most games. You can fight as well of course, but that's not the ideal way to play.

The game has been out since September 2015 and a lot of outlets are only now getting around to playing it, mostly because it's easy to be blinded by the huge releases around Christmas and the earl months are a good time to catch up with the gems you missed. And the acclaim has been pretty much universal for the art style, music and the alternative viewpoint it takes from most role playing games.

In short, it's well worth your time - and now it's even better. Sole developer tobyfox has confirmed that an update was recently released for some basic fixes.

That's plenty for a single developer to be working on but it seems tobyfox has been busy making tweaks to a host of other parts of the game. A Reddit group has been set up with fans of the game combing back through it to find these changes, which include new dialogue, gameplay elements and even help with puzzles that previously confounded players. There's an Imgur album of what they've found so far, and it's good stuff indeed!

Version 1.001 Update Changes

Undertale is available now on Steam and the official site. You should play it.

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