Unreal Tournament is Making a Comeback


Unreal Tournament is Making a Comeback
Announcement due for May 8th...

As one of the best loved online first person shooters of all time, Epic Games' Unreal Tournament has been the subject of countless rumours over the past few years, all surrounding a potential comeback for the series. However, at this year's Game Developers Conference, Epic CEO Tim Sweeny flat out denited that a new version was in development, saying that the studio had no plans to bring it back any time soon - something that now looks to have been a touch on the deceptive side to say the least.

Epic Games' Product Development Vice President Paul Meegan let the cat out of the bag late last week, tweeting the players should tune into the official Unreal Engine Twitch.tv channel on Thursday at 2pm EST to find out more about the future of the game, using the hashtag #FirstBlood, which could be a reference to the game's title.

That was followed up with a tweet from the studio's co-founder and Vice President Mark Rein, who declared his love for the series, adding that he is "so excited for the comeback".

Unreal Tournament hasn't had a new instalment since way back in 2007, so it's definitely long overdue, so we're looking forward to what the studio has to say about the game on Thursday - fingers crossed it won't disappoint!

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