Valve comments on Half Life 3 leak


Valve comments on Half Life 3 leak

Half Life. It is a name that has become synonymous with a watershed moment for gaming, with the original title from Valve appearing back in 1998 and instantly becoming one of the best first person shooters ever released.

Arguably the sequel was even more significant, a major step up from the developer with cutting edge graphics and incredible gameplay that still feels amazing today. It was a long six years between the first two games, and Valve had episodic releases running into 2007. Then... silence...

Now it's over a decade since Half Life 2 debuted in 2004 with the last new content from this world - Episode 2 - arriving in 2007. People are desperate for anything new from this universe, and they'll jump at the slighest rumour when it appears. Earlier this week, an entry was found in the Steam database for Half Life 3, and everyone went nuts.

Obviously the appearance of a fully fledged sequel in this series would be one of the biggest events of the decade but it seems this was all for nothing. A user reached out to Valve and got a reply from Marc Laidlaw, a writer and game designer who worked on all of the Half Life games so far. Here's what he had to say (via dsogaming):

That's short, to the point and pretty definitive. This could be an old entry or just something that was added by a developer or user and has floated up from the backend for some unknown reason. While it's disappointing to hear, it's really not that surprising - at this stage it's pretty unlikely we'll ever get another major title in the series. It's pretty sad to note that Valve themselves haven't released a new game in years, apart from DOTA 2 in 2013. Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2 are their last proper titles, we're just hoping they come out with a new IP some day.

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