VIDEO 1 hour of Doom single player


VIDEO 1 hour of Doom single player

Doom is coming. Not your doom but Doom with a capital 'D' - that's the latest game in a series which pretty much helped to define the first person shooter.

It's set for release in mid May so there isn't long to go and while we've seen all manner of reveals of the multiplayer side so far things have been quiet on the campaign end. And it turns out that was for good reason as it's so awesome it could blow your mind!

That might be overstating it but the guys at id Software have shown off almost an hour of gameplay and it's looking pretty great. Check out the video here.

The gameplay looks fast and slick and very, very violent - which is about all we're looking for in a game from this franchise. There's a story too if you're into that sort of thing and lots of close up gory deathstuff.


Doom is out on consoles and PC on the 13th of May, 2016.

VIDEO 1 hour of Doom single player on
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