VIDEO 15 minutes of amazing new Deus Ex footage


VIDEO 15 minutes of amazing new Deus Ex footage

Deus Ex Mankind Divided isn't out for awhile yet but that hasn't stopped the developers from releasing plenty of footage.

This latest glimpse lets us see some of the open world elements, exploring the main city hub from Adam Jensen's apartment. The action kicks off after a bombing in Prague when our hero was injured so he's in bad shape. He'll have to find someone to fix his augmentations before he can get back to work.

That means getting to see the truly amazing design work which goes into making these games come to life.

This is just a tiny slice of the game and not even really a main mission but you can see all the different options in how you can play, with smaller windows for more lethal approaches and hidden areas.

It's a great look at what's possible in the world of Deus Ex, and shows off some new mechanics like being able to use take downs from cover and a whole host of new weapons. It all looks most excellent and we can't wait to start seeing final game footage in the months ahead.

Deux Ex Mankind Divided comes to consoles and PC in August, 2016.

VIDEO 15 minutes of amazing new Deus Ex footage on
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