VIDEO 16 minutes of Dying Light The Following


VIDEO 16 minutes of Dying Light The Following

Did you play Dying Light? It was easily one of the most underrated games of 2015 and one that should have popped up on way more end of years lists. The setting was atmospheric, the zombies were creepy and the mix of visceral combat and parkour just felt great.

Techland has been working hard for the last year with constant updates to the base game including new content and random extras and events to keep the community vibrant, and now they're got an even bigger treat in store with the upcoming Enhanced Edition which will bring new abilities, new enemies and new parkouring into the game.

At the same time they're getting ready to launch The Following which is the last of the proposed DLC packs and easily the most ambitious. It will deliver up an entirely new area that's equal in size to that of the original and also features entirely new gameplay thanks to the wide open terrain. There are even dune buggies, which you can equip with blades to take down your undead enemies in rare style.

IGN has been playing the first 16 minutes of the expansion with producer Tymon Smektata along for the ride and it looks blooming marvellous.

The unique look of the place is a real draw, especially for those who have gotten a little tired of Harran and we can't wait to see how the interactions with the locals pan out. It's also good to hear that the game will scale to your level, so the expansion won't be too challenging for those who haven't spent a huge amount of time with the original game.

We're all about those buggies though, that's going to be serious fun.

Dying Light The Following is set to launch on the 9th of February 2016 and you can get it on its own for €20 or as part of the season pass for €30. The game will also come with all copies of the Enhanced Edition of Dying Light for those who don't yet have the original title.

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