VIDEO A kill with Battlefield 1's teeny tiny gun


VIDEO A kill with Battlefield 1's teeny tiny gun

Battlefield 1 is out this week and it's coming with a huge multiplayer mode, an epic multipart story and a new setting back during The Great War.

You can be sure that there will be plenty of comparison between the two big shooter series - Battlefield and Call of Duty - later on this year but right now Battlefield is clearly winning because it comes with a teeny, tiny gun.

The Kolbri shares its name with a type of hummingbird and is noted as the smallest commercially available centrefire cartridge gun. It was patented by Austrian watchmaker Franz Pfanni in 1910. It was, by all accounts, a pretty poor weapon with limited stopping power and was extremely fiddly ro reload. But that hasn't stopped the folks at DICE from introducing it to Battlefield 1 multiplayer.

It seems they've also made it pretty accurate to the issues with the real gun, as you can see when an intrepid IGN-er tries to get an actual kill with the bloody thing.

Finally! It's fun to see additions like these into a game which could be overwhelmingly serious. Let's hope there are a few other lighter touches as well when the title arrives on the 21st of October, 2016.

VIDEO A kill with Battlefield 1`s teeny tiny gun on
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