VIDEO All new Sea of Thieves gameplay- YAR!


VIDEO All new Sea of Thieves gameplay- YAR!

Rare has been making games for a very long time, with classics like Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Viva Pinata stretching back more than 30 years.

So any time the English company gets to work on a new title it's time to sit up and take notice, and when it's something as groundbreaking and fun as Sea of Thieves it deserves even more attention.

The game is basically a kids dream come true- you and some friends head out into a gorgeously rendered pirate world and get to do whatever you like. That includes drinking grog, fighting and trying to figure out how to sail a ship without tipping everyone into the water.

It's mayhem in the best possible way, and here's some brand new gameplay straight from Gamescom 2016.

Mostly it just looks like fun, with everything designed to make players feel open to experimentation- which sometimes means failing in ludicrous fashion. It's really all about team work, and co-op experiences can be a wonderful way to bring a different kind of interaction to online play, mostly because you're less interested in killing eachother.

Sea of Thieves is a very ambitious title and we've probably only seen a tiny portion of what the full game will bring when it arrives in early 2017.

VIDEO All new Sea of Thieves gameplay- YAR! on
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