VIDEO Assassins Creed Jack the Ripper DLC is here


VIDEO Assassins Creed Jack the Ripper DLC is here

Assassin's Creed Syndicate was one of the better titles in the series thanks to its story and characters, and there's more to play very soon.

The Season Pass content is kicking off in earnest with Jack the Ripper DLC. It's an entirely new story mode which sees players tackling a tale set 20 years after the events of the original game - and the new trailer has plenty of insight into what you'll be up to and also who you'll play as.

Some early reports were suggesting that you might be embodying the killer himself, though we thought that made no sense at all. It turns out you will be returning as an older version of Evie Frye, the more likeable of the two playable people in the original Syndicate campaign.

There are some other teases here, like the fact that the killer seems to know Evie and some connection to a wider conspiracy. It looks like a decent amount of content will be included, with several hours of story and likely more exploring to be done. Hopefully Evie has kept her fitness up in the intervening two decades.

The new DLC is part of the Season Pass which includes a handful of new missions and some character boosts. It costs €29.99.

VIDEO Assassins Creed Jack the Ripper DLC is here on
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