VIDEO Bombshell's Rocking new trailer


VIDEO Bombshell's Rocking new trailer

Bombshell is a game you probably haven't heard of and it isn't that likely to set the world aflame when it launches on consoles and PC from the 29th of January. But it will have a rockin' soundtrack.

Check out the tuneage in a new Bombshell video.

The score is by Andrew Hulshult, the audio guy for Interceptor Entertainment who has composed songs for Brutal Doom in the past and these tracks definitely sound like something from a previous generation of 3D Realms.

Because it's might be totally unclear from the video, Bombshell is an isometric action game with a female protagonist sporting a bionic arm. She'll shoot a lot of things and probably say plenty of one liners while doing so.

Bombshell is set for release on the 29th of Janary 2016.

VIDEO Bombshell`s Rocking new trailer on
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