VIDEO Dive into the incredible graphics of Uncharted 4


VIDEO Dive into the incredible graphics of Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is out, and players around the world are getting to grips with Nathan Drake's latest adventure.

It's a thrilling and emotional ride and a lot of fun to run and gun through but do take a moment to stop and check out the surroundings because Uncharted 4 is almost certainly the best looking PlayStation 4 game ever released.

It's the little things - the details in every corner of the world, the way shafts of lights move through dust in the air and the quirks of expression which make Nathan Drake's face seem like the tinest step away from an actual person.

And it's also the big things, the sheer graphics performance and stability and the breadth and depth of the world. Digital Foundry is diving deep into the more technical aspecs of what makes Naughty Dog's latest look so good and it's well worth a watch.

Really it's the kind of game that has been to be seen in motion as you're controlling it for the full effect, and to give you time to appreciate the amount of work which goes into every frame and location for the development team.

Many of these spaces will only be seen once by gamers as they plough through the single player shooting up enemies and looking for handholds. There are areas of the map that might never be discovered, all adding to the overall look and feel of this blockbuster production.

Uncharted 4 is out now on PS4.

VIDEO Dive into the incredible graphics of Uncharted 4 on
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