VIDEO Doom's new photo mode and classic view in action


VIDEO Doom's new photo mode and classic view in action

Doom has been a bit of a triumph for id Software, delivering a single player campaign that's actually excellent - it's been a long time since that has happened in a first person shooter.

The game has received its first post release update and it seems the developers aren't done making it cooler for players yet. They've added a neat photo mode (which makes sense in a title this pretty) as well as the option to have your weapon centred in the screen, like the games of yesteryear.

Here's a fellow from Eurogamer trying out these new additions.

It really is a quick look, and he doesn't seem to know how to use a photo mode at all, but it's great to get new free additions to games. We are a bit disappointed that there's no sign of the space marine when you're in the photo mode, but it would likely have been too complicated to include smooth animations for his many movements like mantling and the glory kills.

Go grab the Doom update now.

VIDEO Doom`s new photo mode and classic view in action on
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