VIDEO Fallout 4 Far Harbor trailer is creepy as hell


VIDEO Fallout 4 Far Harbor trailer is creepy as hell

Fallout 3 veterans must remember their time at Point Lookout. It was a DLC addition to the main game and, on top of being genuinely tough, it was also a hideously atmospheric ride into ruin. Now Far Harbor is taking us down a similar path.

It's the biggest planned DLC pack for Fallout 4 and is available as part of the Season Pass or on its own.

The pack takes players to an entirely new area of the blasted wasteland - an island off the coast of Maine that's home to a colony of synths. With Detective Nick Valentine, you're on the trail of a missing girl and things are going to get nasty before the end.

Here's the trailer.

I can already feel the atmosphere seeping into my bones from here. Just look at those grotesque creatures lurking beneath the waters, and imagine the bits which Bethesda isn't revealing right now.

Far Harbor is the biggest landmass ever offered up in a Fallout DLC pack and comes with loads of new quests, factions and friends (or enemies) to make. It's a must buy for those looking for another chunk of Fallout.

The DLC launches on the 19th of May, 2016.

VIDEO Fallout 4 Far Harbor trailer is creepy as hell on
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