VIDEO Honest Videogame ad is terrifying and true


VIDEO Honest Videogame ad is terrifying and true

The entertainment industry is a pretty strange place if you take a moment to step back and think about it. Every year, billions are spent on creating movies, TV shows, mobile apps and games which are designed to fill in the gaps in your life when you're not doing anything in particular.

It's quite a modern obsession, and one that has run rampant in recent years as we've gone truly mobile, able to play games and perform microtransactions from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

In that weird mire, these companies are charged with working very hard to make it seem like the next thing they're offering is absolutely and positively better than the one you currently have. And we've been programmed to believe it.

Comedy channel Cracked has taken a stab at the typical video game ad/presentation, and it's both hilarious and kind of awful.

With word of an updated PlayStation 4K/Neo and PlayStation VR on the way, as well as an industry that's saturated with iterative sequels, this is a pretty accurate look at how the relationship between publishers and customers works.

Of course there are genuinely great and innovative titles being made, by dedicated teams, particularly in the indie space, but the real money continues to be at this confluences between customer and blockbuster.

But hey, Mirror's Edge reboot and Uncharted 4 are out soon...

VIDEO Honest Videogame ad is terrifying and true on
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