VIDEO Injustice 2 gameplay is epic


VIDEO Injustice 2 gameplay is epic

Injustice Gods Among Us is getting a sequel, and that means more superpowered beat downs.

The deal with Injustice 2 is that you get to play as a host of new DC Comics characters and fight against heroes and villains in epic pitched battles. It's basically like a blockbuster movie mixed with a beat em up, and this new gameplay trailer sells that scale brilliantly.

This is not a subtle game, and the way the environment is used to continue the story within the fights looks pretty spectacular, if not entirely unique. Having access to the full roster of DC heroes and villains is a real selling point for this series, and it might even do a better job than the increasingly turgid big screen versions.

Injustice 2 also adds a new upgrading mechanic whereby players earn unlockables for each match. So you'll quickly not only look completely different to other versions of the same character but you'll also develop different abilities and styles.

Injustice 2 is out sometime in 2017.

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