VIDEO Last Overwatch short - Soldier 76


VIDEO Last Overwatch short - Soldier 76

When you've got the budget of Blizzard Entertainment behind you for a promotional campaign, you can do almost anything. And Overwatch has gone big on a series of gorgeously animated video shorts to introduce the major characters of new game Overwatch.

The latest, and the last before the game launches, deals with the character of Soldier 76. He was the most popular one in the beta release of the game and also the person who you got to use in the tutorial. You have to wonder if those two things are connected.

Here's a look at the character which isn't really about his backstory but more a symbolic way of giving us some information that likely will never feature into the real game at all.

Still it's nice stuff, and gives the impression of there being a whole world behind Overwatch even though you'll mostly spend your time shooting other cartoonish characters in an arena. Blizzard knows how to do lore, and you can be sure they'll have plenty more to add over the months and years ahead if the game is successful.

And they'll really be hoping it is, as this is the first new IP the company has launched since Starcraft in 1998. World of Warcraft is still a force to be reckoned with but subscribers are falling and a replacement is certainly needed.

Overwatch launches on the 24th of May, 2016.

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