VIDEO Mirror's Edge combat looks awkward


VIDEO Mirror's Edge combat looks awkward

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is coming close to launch in May 2016 and the gameplay footage is coming thick and fast.

That's because some outlets have been getting hands on with a beta version of the game, and it's set to be released to selected members of the public in a closed session this coming weekend. Single player and side missions will be shown off, as well as EA and DICE's multiplayer options which invovles racing against the echoes of other people's fastest runs through a specific area.

The latest footage has a focus on combat, with the folks from IGN taking on a series of enemies in game. Check it out.

Firstly whoever is playing doesn't seem to have a clue what they're doing - if you were planning on broadcasting some gameplay wouldn't you atl least make it so that the video doesn't mostly consist of bumbling around.

Then there's the combat which seems like an awkward and repetitive mix of dodging and gently slapping your attacker until he relents, crumpling into an overly physics enabled ball.The contact looks poor, counters aren't interesting and the scripting on the part of enemies makes them see like headless poultry.

Now this is a beta and it could also be an introduction to fighting in the game and the person behind the controls isn't very good so we're going to reserve judgement until we get some of our own hands on time.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is on consoles and PC from the 24th of May, 2016.

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