VIDEO Modern Warfare remastered level looks gorgeous


VIDEO Modern Warfare remastered level looks gorgeous

The Call of Duty series hit it big with Modern Warfare back in 2007 and the powers that be are bringing the game back to life in a remastered form this year.

It's hard to describe how groundbreaking the game was almost a decade ago, immersing the player in a warzone like never before and establishing the format which has by now become all too rote in the Call of Duty series.

You can see the work that has gone into the remaster in this new video which shows off one of the most exciting missions in the original game - Crew Expendable.

Sure it couldn't be more scripted but there was a real punch and vitality to the gameplay back in the day, and it looks great in this remaster. Of course the bad news is that Activision has decided to give the game away only to those who pre-order the more expensive versions of the upcoming Infinite Warfare, which seems like an utterly terrible idea.

The backlash has been predictably extreme and if they don't decide to release this as a standalone game it could actually impact the sales of the new title. Or everyone might just forget about it because Call of Duty is a monster.

Infinite Warfare is out on the 4th of November, 2016.

VIDEO Modern Warfare remastered level looks gorgeous on
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