VIDEO New Overwatch short looks great


VIDEO New Overwatch short looks great

Overwatch is coming. Its the latest game from Blizzard who are the folks behind World of Warcraft, so you should probably pay attention.

This time they're making a colourful and cartoonish first person shooter with multiplayer battles. But don't let those bright colours fool you, this is a world with plenty of depth a whole heap of backstory. You can find out more about one of the main characters, Widowmaker, in this new animated short which also featurers fan-favourite Tracer as an assassination plays out.

It also looks utterly gorgeous.

You can't fault the work that has gone into this, and it's reasonable to expect the same amount of attention will be paid to every character in the large roster. It's also good to see that there is a world being built up, even if it ends up being little more than background to the many fights. Some of us just enjoy picking through lore and Blizzard has long had a way with building deep and dense worlds to explore.

Overwatch is on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on the 24th of May 2016.

VIDEO New Overwatch short looks great on
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