VIDEO No Man's Sky in 4K 60 fps is gorgeous


VIDEO No Man's Sky in 4K 60 fps is gorgeous

No Man's Sky it out on PC now and while the opening days had their fair share of issues things are starting to settle down.

You're not guaranteed a smooth experience yet but smooth performance is possible with a serious gaming rig, and it can look darned glorious.

Eurogamer threw their game up to a massive 4K resolution and locked it at 60 frames per second. Here's a glimpse at highlights of this session.

There's no denying that No Man's Sky can be a really attractive game on either system but the real difference here is the frame rate. 60 fps makes things feel buttery smooth, and almost like looking through a window into another world at some points.

The massive resolution doesn't hurt either and you can even play No Man's Sky on multiple monitors. Really this is a game that feels like it belongs on the PC, mostly because of how experimental it is, and you can see the potential of the release as the bugs start to get ironed out.

VIDEO No Man`s Sky in 4K 60 fps is gorgeous on
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