VIDEO No Man's Sky trading is like this


VIDEO No Man's Sky trading is like this

The release of Hello Games' No Man's Sky will be along in just a few short weeks, and we're going to go ahead and admit that we still don't really know what it's all about.

Thankfully a series of videos are being released showing off the basic elements of this highly ambitious game, including Exploring, Fighting, Trading and Surviving.

Today it's time to take a look at trading, and how you'll be making some dough in this massive universe.

Find stuff on a planet or mine things in space and then find someone who is willing to pay you cash for it. There's a whole lot of menu-ing going on here which suggest that the mechanic can get quite complicated, but at root its a very simple looking system.

And that's kind of the root of the problem so far with how No Man's Sky looks. Every element is quite simply sketched because it all has to exist in an almost unimaginably vast universe, and there's a very real chance that the busywork could end up feeling shallow and repetitive quite quickly.

It could also be the kind of game that requires a huge time investment to really see the fruit of your labours, we'll just have to wait for the first reviews to really get a feel for what Hello Games is offering.

No Man's Sky is on PC and PS4 from the 9th of August, 2016.

VIDEO No Man`s Sky trading is like this on
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