VIDEO Nolan North and Troy Baker interview - The Brothers Drake


VIDEO Nolan North and Troy Baker interview - The Brothers Drake

When the first Uncharted arrived back in 2007 it became a huge hit with audiences for a number of reasons including the fun gameplay and adventurous spirit of the thing.

But a huge part of the appeal was definitely the character of Nathan Drake - a videogame hero who could run and jump and shoot but also had a personality which leapt off the screen and made him feel vital and alive and pretty scared by the ridiculous things which were happening.

And a lot of that is down to the work by voice actor Nolan North who was given a unique opportunity to really develop the character with the team at Naughty Dog, to work on the voice and the tone and the humour and in the process crafted an enduring digital creation.

More and more of North has gone into Drake over the years with the advent of sophisticated performance capture technology and he takes some time to chat to fellow actor Troy Baker (who plays his brother Sam Drake) in this interview.

Check out what they have to say about working on this franchise and what it's like to come to the end of that journey.

It's interesting to see the younger Baker talking about putting himself into character as Nate's older brother and also to see how North has a really tough time staying serious and on point. He's so used to doing voices and performing but manages a few straight answers here.

In some ways its a good thing that this particular journey can come to an end without spiralling off into needless sequels. We were very happy with the ending of A Thief's End and can't wait to see what the world thinks of it.

Uncharted 4 is on PS4 now.

VIDEO Nolan North and Troy Baker interview - The Brothers Drake on
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