VIDEO: Player conquers Doom's Ultra-Nightmare mode without upgrades


VIDEO: Player conquers Doom's Ultra-Nightmare mode without upgrades

A player by the name of Zero Master managed to beat Doom on its hardest difficulty just two days after it came out. Now he’s back with another impressive feat where he beats the game on Ultra-Nightmare without using any upgrades.

Ultra-Nightmare is a permadeath version of the game’s Nightmare difficulty, meaning you either win or you have to start from scratch. The lack of upgrades also makes Zero Master’s character quite fragile, especially as he faces off against some big baddies.

The first upgrade is mandatory, so he takes an ammo capacity upgrade, but otherwise he can’t upgrade weapons, touch perk-granting runes, use Praetor suit upgrades, or take advantage of permanent boosts to health or armour capacity.

Zero Master says that the key is to make the Mega Health power-up last, to be aware of where ammo pickups are, and to be judicial with chainsaw ammo.

Despite the difficulty, he told Eurogamer that he enjoyed the challenge. “The main reason is because it's a very fun way to play the game! I play a lot more aggressive this time and I don't end up just using gauss cannon with rich get richer rune to clear everything late game," he said.

Zero Master is known for his achievements within the Doom series. He has speedrun records under his belt for the first two Doom games, including one for Doom 2 on Ultra Violence.

VIDEO: Player conquers Doom`s Ultra-Nightmare mode without upgrades on
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