VIDEO Pokemon Go player mugged in live stream


VIDEO Pokemon Go player mugged in live stream

Pokemon Go is a great way to encourage people to get up and out as you walk around to hatch eggs and find new Pokemon but it comes with its own set of dangers if you don't keep an eye on your surroundings.

One player found that out yesterday when he was live streaming a Pokemon Go session in New York City at night. Rickeybot was out in Central Park at 1am when he was mugged and his phone was taken. And as he was streaming at the time it was all caught on camera.

It's a pretty violent hit and then we get to stay with the attacker as he runs away for several minutes before finally factory resetting the phone and ending the connection. There's some video evidence of what he looks like and the streamer has got a high quality version to the police now.

In updates Rickeybot has said that he's ok but his jaw 'is a mess.'

In the wake of the attack, his Twitch account was suspended due to the violent content but the ban should only last 24 hours.

While this is an unfortunate incident it's also an important cautionary tale. When you're out playing Pokemon Go you can be very vulnerable as you're concentrating on the screen and are less aware of your surroundings. You're also waving around an expensive piece of hardware for the world to see, and it only takes a second for someone to try to take it from you.

Be safe out there!

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