VIDEO Pokemon Go Plus unboxing and how it works


VIDEO Pokemon Go Plus unboxing and how it works

The Pokemon Go Plus is an acessory which lets syncs to your phone and lets you play the game without having to look at the screen all the time.

This little device can be worn on a wristband or just in your pocket and it buzzes when you're near a Pokestop, letting you collect with a single button press. You'll also get a notification when it senses a Pokemon and you'll be able to try to catch it, though you won't know if it worked until you look at your phone.

Here's a look at an unboxing of the device and a brief demo of how it works in the wild.

Basically it looks really easy to set up and use, and it should definitely help to drain your battery less as you won't have to use your phone screen all the time. That makes it perfect for getting some extra distance on your eggs or having a walk with your new buddy.

The Pokemon Go Plus costs 35 quid and should be in shops now.

VIDEO Pokemon Go Plus unboxing and how it works on
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