VIDEO PS4 Pro vs PC graphics comparison- Rise of the Tomb Raider


VIDEO PS4 Pro vs PC graphics comparison- Rise of the Tomb Raider

The PlayStation 4 Pro is coming soon and it's making some big promises- bringing the next generation of graphics into our living rooms.

Of course, that's far from a simple matter with a number of factors in play. There's the question of how much time and effort the developers are going to be able to put into re-engineering their games for the new hardware, and whether they'll even support the much rumoured 4K resolution.

And sitting in the corner grinning from ear to ear is the PC. These machines have been able to push out ultra high definition graphics for a good while now, alongside far more advanced graphical features which the new range of consoles can't even touch.

Digital Foundry put the PS4 Pro up against a high end PC to see how they match up.

As always, the answer is both simple and complex. The PC definitely looks sharper and might also be able to reach high frames per second- you won't be seeing many 60 fps games on the PS4.

On the other hand, building a machine capable ot playing this game at that level could easily cost you €2000 or more. Considering the PS4 Pro is just €399, the results are pretty impressive. It's less clear if gamers in general will care much about how detailed individual textures are, especially as few will be upgrading to games they already own.

It's a complicated time to be a console owner and our advice would be to weigh your options carefully before upgrading. The PS4 Pro provides no advantages if you haven't got a 4K TV set and ideally one with HDR. The same goes for certain aspects of the new Xbox One S. So be sure to do your research before laying down a chunk of cash.

The PS4 Pro is out on the 10th of November, 2016.

VIDEO PS4 Pro vs PC graphics comparison- Rise of the Tomb Raider on
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