VIDEO See Dead Rising in full HD


VIDEO See Dead Rising in full HD

For some reason, the first two Dead Rising games are being re-released in HD, and you can see how the upscaling is working in the first game with 20 minutes of action here.

Firstly, I'm just getting reminded of how weird the intro to the game is, with the photo snapping stuff long before it really kicks into Dawn of the Dead territory.

As for the graphics themselves, the textures might be a little simple but the higher resolution makes things look pretty great, together with what looks like a consistent 60 frames per second. It's still a strange game in a lot of ways, and you may or may not be interested in the mechanics which you're forced into using but hey killingall of these zombies is never boring.

And you can take pictures for fun and giggles.

Dead Rising is set for release on the 13th of September, with Dead Rising 2 following on the 27th of the month. There's a triple pack coming out also.

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