VIDEO See the old first person take on Until Dawn


VIDEO See the old first person take on Until Dawn

Until Dawn was surprisingly great when it arrived on the PlayStation 4 in 2015, and it might not have been.

Developers Supermassive Games started work on the title as far back as 2009, with the original plan being to release it on the PS3 as a Move enabled game. That would mean walking around and using the Move Controller as your flashlight on screen, it was also from a first person perspective.

The final game was a whole lot of slick fun, and the third person perspective was a great way to retain the cinematic feel. But here's a glimpse at how it might have looked, complete with PlayStation 3 level graphics.

These kinds of videos are always really interesting to show the kinds of changes that happen during development. This is a pretty complete looking game, with full voice work and animation and many story elements which went on to be included in the main game.

For my money, the PS4 version was a better way to present things - if only because it's also one of the best-looking games of the generation. But it's still fascinating to see how these thing progress and change.

VIDEO See the old first person take on Until Dawn on
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