VIDEO Skyrim Memories - now in claymation!


VIDEO Skyrim Memories - now in claymation!

Skyrim Special Edition is out this week, and the developers of the game are asking for your favourite Skyrim Memories.

They've even gone and commissioned a claymation from the supremely talented Lee Hardcastle to bring back some nostalgia. It's rather excellent.

Good stuff, and it feels like the video comes from someone who actually knows what it was like to play the game, rather than a cowboy for hire.

As for my personal Skyrim memory, it's pretty stupendous stuff. I had already spent many hours wandering around and killing things, including the odd dragon, while marveling at the scale of the world Bethesda had created.

In fact I was coming back to the game on PS3 after a significant time away and had never quite managed to finish the game. I stepped back behind the controller, trying to remember the controls and where I was in the story, when my hulking warrior dared to step a toe in a glorified puddle amid one of the wide vistas. Fatal error, crash, game over.

I never went back, even when I read this was a known issue with the PS3 version of the game. The idea of potentially having to start from scratch kind of broke me. But what would an Elder Scrolls game be without bugs? I'm all ready to play the Special Edition on PC and to get stuck into the DLC while I hope and pray for no crashes.

Skyrim Special Edition is out on the 28th of October, 2016.

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