VIDEO Star Fox Zero animated series coming soon


VIDEO Star Fox Zero animated series coming soon

Star Fox Zero is finally coming out this week, with the long awaited flying action game hitting the Wii U from the 21st of April.

The game brings back the characters first introduced in Star Fox on the SNES all the way back in 1993. It's the sixth title in the series and seems to be a total reboot, with no particular ties to story elements that have come before.

Fox is here naturally alongside Falco, Peppy and Slippy and they're also part of an animated short which is set to debut at 11pm on the 20th of April live with Nintendo. This link will take you to where you need to be to watch it on Wednesday evening and we'll also have the video up as soon as it hits the internet.

Here's a glimpse at the gorgeous animation you'll see in the short.

It looks like something we would have gotten up early to watch on a Saturday morning, which we're guessing was entirely the point! Stay tuned for the full video and the game is out in Ireland on 22nd of April, 2016.

VIDEO Star Fox Zero animated series coming soon on
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