VIDEO Take on the Death Star in Battlefront DLC


VIDEO Take on the Death Star in Battlefront DLC

Star Wars Battlefront was fun to play but a little lacking when it came to big moments, that's about to be fixed.

The Death Star DLC is launching in September and brings one of cinemas most iconic fights to your console- and yes you'll even get a chance to destroy the Death Star!

Here's a thrilling new video.

This is marvellously put together, starting with the incredible graphics and assets assembled by the team at DICE. Add in John Williams perfect score and those locations and you've pretty much already got my money.

On top of that it really does show EA and DICE's committment to the game, which was a little bare bones when it launched in late 2015. This new content comes via the Season Pass which has been adding extra maps and characters for the last several months.

It's a pretty generous package, and it's also good to see that the developers haven't just milled out a sequel to get more dollars out of fans. The Death Star DLC is available on the 20th of September 2016.

VIDEO Take on the Death Star in Battlefront DLC on
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