VIDEO Warcraft movie trailer in World of Warcraft


VIDEO Warcraft movie trailer in World of Warcraft

There's a Warcraft movie coming and it looks like a cartoonish Lord of the Rings with a lot of CG effects.

Naturally enough it all looks better with graphics from World of Warcraft and set to epic music in this remake trailer.

It's a bit odd that all the dialogue was taken out but this is still very impressive, and shows that World of Warcraft can still look pretty good almost 12 years after it originally released.

As for the movie, well we're going to have to wait until the full thing arrives before we pass judgement. Or we could just go ahead and guess now that it's going to be a bit of a mess and put people off with the very name Warcraft in the title.

But we're happy to be proven wrong, and we'll find out on the 30th of May, 2016.

VIDEO Warcraft movie trailer in World of Warcraft on
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