VIDEO Watch Dogs 2 First Play- Selfies and Death


VIDEO Watch Dogs 2 First Play- Selfies and Death

Watch Dogs 2 is out in November and I got the chance to go hands on with a preview build of the game recently.

A good three hours of gameplay was offered up, the first time the entire map had been explorable including far reaching areas of the San Francisco Bay Area, out as far as a Silicon Valley. It's like a densely populated mini version of the real thing, with plenty to do around every corner.

I'll have more on the session later but here's an idea of how the first few minutes of this open world adventure can go. There are selfies, motorbikes, clothes stores, accidental explosions and maybe even a mortal encounter.

Check it out.

Yes so I died very shortly after starting the game in an incident involving cops and bullets and some terrifically bad driving. In my defence, your honour, I had no idea that I was setting an explosive trap, nor that a police car would happen to trigger it.

There's plenty more Watch Dogs 2 coverage on the way, including an Irish exclusive interview with creative director Jonathan Morin and more hands on details.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on the 15th of November, 2016.

-Daniel Anderson

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