VIDEO Watch Dogs 2's deadly jumper drone in action


VIDEO Watch Dogs 2's deadly jumper drone in action

Watch Dogs 2 is bringing the action to a new city, with a new hero in the form of Marcus Holloway who is infinitely more craic than the dullsome Aiden Pearce.

Naturally there's also a ton of new gear to play with, including a 3D printer that makes customised guns in any colour you want! And that's before we mention the drones. The most showy is the flying sort which is good for scouting and racing and looking cool, but there's another little guy who is even cooler.

The jumper drone is small and unassuming, slipping easily out of your bag and rolling around. The big deal about him though is that he's pretty much capable of doing everything which Marcus can, including running around, annoying enemies and even hacking.

That makes this drone incredibly useful in a lot of circumstances, helped by the fact that many buildings have very handy ventilation shafts which are just big enough for him to slip into.

Check out some footage I captured of what it's like to work through one of the early missions with the help of Mr Jumper.

It's pretty neat, and this is before he's learned all of his tricks which include being able to insult enemies to lure them into traps. I think he's pretty deadly, and I can't wait to complete entire missions without having to get off my arse.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on the 15th of November, 2016.

VIDEO Watch Dogs 2`s deadly jumper drone in action on
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