VIDEO Watch the first 20 minutes of Doom - it's gruesome


VIDEO Watch the first 20 minutes of Doom - it's gruesome

Doom was coming, now Doom is here. Or should that be DOOM?

Either way, the latest in the long running and influential first person shooter series launches today around the world on consoles and PC. Review codes were sent out pretty late to outlets so reviews might be delayed a day or two.

In the meantime you can witness the game firsthand with a video of the first 18 minutes of action. There's lots of gruesome stuff on display here.

My main first thought is that it would have been nice if IGN chose a person to play who was a little more familar with the game or appeared to have at least seen a first person shooter before. Progress is so slow and they don't even use the fun mechanics.

That aside it looks like the pace here is really high. You're shooting from almost the first second and you pick up an extra weapon in just a couple of minutes.

Movement speed seems high and there's plenty of story if you want it. It's interesting to see a game in 2016 which doesn't feature regenerating health though pickups seem plentiful. And those access cards are a nice throwback.

Other than that there's a lot of shooting and running and melee stuff, and a few different enemies are introduced as well as a glimpse at the upgrade system.

It all looks very slick indeed, and hopefully the first reviews will be out soon.

access cards

VIDEO Watch the first 20 minutes of Doom - it`s gruesome on
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