VIDEO Witness the opening of No Man's Sky- out tomorrow!


VIDEO Witness the opening of No Man's Sky- out tomorrow!

No Man's Sky is actually here.

You know, we've been writing about No Man's Sky in some form or another for almost three years, all the way back before the Guildford offices of developer Hello Games flooded and on and on as this ambitious indie title started to take shape.

It seemed like an impossible thing, an entire universe on a disk that you were free to explore and one that wasn't going to just find its way to PC but also have a massive console debut on the PS4.

The fact that the game is coming out at all is an immense achivement, regardless of how the sales go and whether people take to its rather unique charms. If you want a taste of what its like to actually play, here's a video of the first 16 minutes.

It's a pretty great way to set things up- stranded on a distant planet with just your omni tool to try to fix your busted ship. And when you do manage to rise through the atmosphere and into space... well we're thinking that's going to a feeling that brings a smile to our faces every time.

No Man's Sky is out in the US today and on PS4 in Ireland on the 10th of August. It hits PC on the 12th.

VIDEO Witness the opening of No Man`s Sky- out tomorrow! on
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