Vince Zampella Founds New Mobile Gaming Studio


Vince Zampella Founds New Mobile Gaming Studio
Developer to stay at Respawn, but advise new company Nuclear Division

Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment and co-creator of the epic Titanfall, has set up a brand new mobile gaming studio called Nuclear Division. Before Titanfall fans get too concerned, though, this doesn't mean that he'll be following in the footsteps of Respawn's other co-founder Jason West and leaving the company any time soon, instead he'll be continuing his work at the studio while he acts as an advisor to Nuclear Division.

Despite being best known for his work on console and PC games like Call of Duty and Titanfall, Zampella was keen to get involved in the mobile space, which continues to show tremendous growth as the power and popularity of mobile devices continues to increase unabated.

Speaking about the importance of the mobile market, Zampella sad:

[Mobile is] a device that I play on because I always have it with me. It's always connected. You're engaged with it. There's something you can do with that. I’m not saying one is better than the other, in terms of console versus mobile. It's a different gaming experience. Both interest me.

Multiple games are already in development at Nuclear Division, but givn the fact that it's such a new company, it's highly unlikely gamers will be getting their hands on any of them before the end of the year.

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