Visit Marrakesh with the new Hitman episode - out now


Visit Marrakesh with the new Hitman episode - out now

Hitman has a new episode out, this time taking players to the streets of Marrakesh.

Here's the launch trailer for the third release in this episodic title.

It seems there's a new enemy, and this might take a little more smarts on your part to take him out. As ever, the developers at IO Interactive have really done their homework when it comes to recreating the Moroccan city, and the streets look amazingly detailed and teeming with life.

You can see them even better in a newly launched 360 degree video which makes the most of that marvellous game engine to show it off from any angle you like. Consider this how tourism will work in the future, with an eye on good sniper positions at the same time.

For the latest version of the game, Hitman went episodic in an interesting way, releasing massive playgrounds based around a single location a month at a time. You can pay for the whole package or a single setting and you'll get access to unique challenges and be able to do anything you like in those levels.

Seven episodes in total are planned to be released by September 2017, with future locations including Japan, Thailand and America.

Grab episode 3 now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Visit Marrakesh with the new Hitman episode - out now on
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