Watch 8 Minutes of Gameplay from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


Watch 8 Minutes of Gameplay from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty ain't going nowhere - you're surely aware of that by now. With the series already worth billions of dollars and each new iteration breaking more and more earning records, Activision is onto a winner.

But how do you maintain that position? For all their blockbusting, the last few CoD games have suffered from a serious feeling of familiarity, especially the on the rails graft of the single player campaign. Multiplayer has become its main arena but as other titles also improve their competitive modes it becomes harder and harder to stand apart from the pack.

One possible solution was to make a change at the level of development. Activision recently announced that each new Call of Duty title was going to be in development for three years ahead of release instead of two - hopefully adding up to a little more innovation in the yearly franchise.

The first CoD game to benefit from this longer development cycle is 2014's Advanced Warfare. And they've also got a new developer on board in the form of Sledgehammer Games with a story that takes place in 2054 - the furthest the series has ever gone into the future.

Can all of these elements combine to produce a Call of Duty game that we actually want to play? Check out this in game footage from E3 for a hint.

The biggest change is obviously the future tech - all coiled up in the might of your characters exo-suit. That provides plenty of new movement options which make for quite the change and if they're backed up by levels which aren't as tightly gated as before that could make for more engaging gameplay.

They'll also play a big part in multiplayer, making for action that could be a little more like what you'd find in the Crysis series.

More will be revealed in the coming months but right now we're more optimistic than we've been in years about a Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare comes to PC and consoles on the 4th of November 2014.

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