Watch a deadly Dishonored 2 mission


Watch a deadly Dishonored 2 mission

Dishonored 2 is just a few short weeks away, and you can look forward to dealing out death just like this.

As the video says this is a 'High Chaos' run, which means there's no attempt to be stealthy or take your time exploring the enviroments. It's all about speed and causing as much mayhem as possible.

That's a good thing to see because it's often difficult to balance a game like this to be fun for all different kinds of players. Emily looks to be ludicrously powerful in this mode, so we're hoping it takes a while to unlock all those various abilities. Dominos looks deadly.

Of course you'll not only be able to play each level in a multitude of different ways but there's also the option to play as one of two characters, with Dishonored 1's Corvo returning as well. That means way more delicious death and subtle sneaking and stabbing.

Play it on the 11th of November, 2016.

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