Watch Dogs - blurring the lines between single and multiplayer


Watch Dogs - blurring the lines between single and multiplayer
Developers talk up the campaign and its online elements
One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the entire Watch Dogs project right now revolves around multiplayer, how will players interact with each other when there’s only a single player in the world?

We came upon the subject in a recent chat with the developers behind the game, which started with a conversation about how focussed the game was on single player. According to Dominic Guay, the Senior Producer on the project, story is certainly important as a way for “players to be immersed in our world and get engaged in the universe we are creating.”

But it’s also clear that he doesn’t just want players to take part in a linear narrative: “the most powerful parts of a video game story are those that players create themselves,” continues Guay. This feeds into the essentially open world nature of Watch Dogs, where players are free to pick and choose which missions they get involved with, using their ability to ‘spy and pry into every citizen’s privacy’.

Enjoying your own unique experiences is the very essence of what makes open world games so compelling and we have yet to see the levels which Watch Dogs can take this two, the permutations which will make each and every game different from the last.

One element which could make these game world’s even more unpredictable is the inclusion of multiplayer. While it doesn’t seem like Ubisoft will be including regular competitive online play, a number of teases have suggested that other players will be able to use the city’s surveillance systems to spy on you, potentially manipulating the gaming space to hinder your progress. Or maybe they’re there to help?

And Guay’s response remains purposefully vague: “while I can confirm that the game contains a strong story driven campaign, our goal is to start blurring the lines between single player and multi-player.” Does this mean there’s going to be a persistent multiplayer aspect to the game, with gamers infiltrating each other’s missions like some Dark Souls crossed with The Matrix? Would you enjoy foiling an internet friends progress?

There are many more reveals to come in the run up to the release of Watch Dogs but at least Ubisoft’s latest could never be accused of a lack of ambition.

Watch Dogs is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC and next generation consoles in Q.4 2013.

Watch Dogs - blurring the lines between single and multiplayer on
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