Watch Dogs - Five Tips for Survival in this Digital Playground


Watch Dogs - Five Tips for Survival in this Digital Playground

After a six month delay and almost two years of breathless anticipation since its unveiling, Watch Dogs is finally here. And it’s a massive open world game of hack and shoot, with tons of content and oh so much privacy to invade.We’ve been getting hands on with the game for a while now and wanted to share some top tips and tricks to get you into the action as quickly as possible.

Get Focus
This is a simple one – spend your skills points on focus as early as possible. It’s a great aid for more accurate driving (flick it on to navigate through tough intersections) and for hacking while moving. But it’s also ideal for a sneaky headshot from cover without getting noticed.

Don't Kill Cops
This isn’t GTA. Aiden Pearce is a bit of a weakling when it comes to withstanding bullets and the cops in this future Chicago are extremely tenacious. If they do end up on your tail get out of the area as quickly as possible and limit collateral damage until they finally give up.

Digital Stealth is Your Friend
When it’s just you and your phone against a bunch of enemies, you should try to stay hidden. Once you’re spotted, enemies become much more aggressive. So use your hacking skills and take to the cameras to get an overview of the area. There are plenty of handy ways to kill your foes without revealing your location, including luring them to an area that can be detonated. And you can also use a silenced weapon to despatch them without raising an alarm.

If In Doubt - Blackout
Blackouts can be crafted in the menu once you’ve unlocked them and will knock out all power and ctOS access in the surrounding area. The sudden darkness (at night at least) will also scare the living heck out of whoever you’re fighting, giving you the chance to land some headshots or get up close and personal for some melee funtimes.

If Really In Doubt - Grenade Launcher
Watch Dogs provides plenty of opportunities for stealth and subtle play and it’s fun to manipulate the world around you. But sometimes, the only answer is boom. A grenade launcher should be an addition to every players loadout. The entry level model is quite cheap (and money is easy to come by) and gives you a fighting chance against vehicles or heavily armoured baddies. Plus the explosions look super-pretty.

For more on Watch Dogs, check out our review or click here to win the Dedsec version of the game!

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