Watch Dogs 2 development leaked by employee!


Watch Dogs 2 development leaked by employee!

The first Watch Dogs game was built up with an immense amount of hype, so much so that it arguably could never deliver on that level of promise.

And so, perhaps predictably, the finished game was a bit of a disappointment to some players with developer Ubisoft also admitting that they learned a lot from putting it out in the world. But the game also managed to sell over 10 million copies, so it was a fairly safe bet we would be seeing more from the universe.

And it seems we've got our first confirmation of sorts. spotted an update to the LinkIn profile of Ubisoft senior gameplay programmer Julien Risse, which mentioned the original Watch Dogs and its DLC Bad Blood as well as a casual listing for Watch Dogs 2.

The mention has been removed but a screenshot was taken first.

It's not a lot of information to go on but its certainly the first official news on a sequel we've seen, and makes it quite likely that Watch Dogs 2 will have a presence at a game show this year - possibly even E3 in June. With so much work already put into creating the universe, it's not surprising that Ubisoft would want to build it up into a franchise. We just hope they spend a bit more time making the game fun before then.

Watch Dogs 2 is coming... sometimes. We'll keep you posted.

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