Watch Dogs 2 devs want you to break the game!


Watch Dogs 2 devs want you to break the game!

Watch Dogs came out in 2014 and was technically impressive but kind of left out a bit of the fun of playing video games. Watch Dogs 2 is all about correcting that.

You'll find a new protagonist who is young and not a white man and new city in San Francisco. The developers have also worked hard to create a playground with plenty of different systems to interact with. They're also keen for players to pretty much break the game.

As we heard from game director Jonathan Morin during our recent interview, they want you to get creative:

"I certainly hope they’re going to impress us with their creativity. I want them to want to break the game. Not just play the game but try to break it. Try to finish a mission in 10 seconds because you found a ridiculous way of hacking in, and that’s exactly how we want the game to feel. I think if you play it this way you’ll see a lot more of its full potential."

That's what we want to hear from the people behind an open world title like this, so pretty much go to town. Use those cameras to get to your target in no time, nab a drone and fly it into an enemy, cause a massive explosion which takes out friend and foe alike or call in a gang hit at the same time as a police APB and watch the bullets fly.

The Twitch streams for this game are going to be epic.

Watch Dogs 2 is out on the 15th of November, 2016.

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