Watch Dogs 2 gamplay - San Fran is your playground


Watch Dogs 2 gamplay - San Fran is your playground

Watch Dogs was an ambitious game which set out to let you hack an entire city in order to take down nasty criminal types. And it did a lot of impressive things but unfortunately also forgot that games are supposed to be fun.

Watch Dogs 2 seems to be trying to redress that balance. Check out the new gameplay trailer which shows what you'll get up to in the new city of San Francisco.

Hey look, things to do that aren't boring! And powers that include being able to ram a car into an enemy just for giggles, and getting you to a vehicle quicker by having it meet you. That's the kind of shorthand stuff we love to see in open world games.

Flasy trailers are one thing but it's also encouraging that Ubi is showing off so much gameplay this time around. At their E3 conference they debuted more than 10 minutes of new action, which kicks off with an intro that's heavily indebted to the style of the Mr Robot TV show. Which is excellent and you really should be watching it.

See how Marcus gets on in the long slice of gameplay.

It certainly looks like Marcus' abilities are much wider ranging and more poewrful than what we had in the first game, and Watch Dogs 2 is looking like a great expansion on everything good about the first game.

Watch Dogs 2 is set for release on the 15th of November, 2016.

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