Watch Dogs 2 trailer - this is San Francisco


Watch Dogs 2 trailer - this is San Francisco

Watch Dogs was set in Chicago, and it was a rather dull and dready place.

Watch Dogs 2 is making it clear that things are very different this time, with a fun introduction to everything that San Francisco has to offer.

I was in San Francisco once for about 24 hours and the only bit I absolutely recognise is the banks of braying seals. But folks in the know have said it's pretty darn accurate, although a condensed version of the real life location.

The other big change is the new protagonist in Marcus Holloway. Watch Dogs 1's Aiden Pearce was an utter bore but Marcus is young and actually seems to be having a good time for the part of the game that we've played so far.

This is looking like a sequel which really builds on the potential of a franchise in the way Ubisoft previously managed with Assassin's Creed. Play it in full in November 2016.

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