Watch Dogs Delay Important - Division Dev


Watch Dogs Delay Important - Division Dev
Massive Entertainment's David Polfeldt lauds Ubisoft's bravery in delaying game...

David Polfeldt, managing director of Massive Entertainment, the studio behind forthcoming Ubisoft title Tom Clancy's The Division, has spoken with the website Examiner about the publisher's decision to delay Watch Dogs for six months. The game, which was originally set for launch in November, will now hot stores on May 27th, but Polfeldt believes that the decision was a hugely importan one.

It’s tremendously important for us as a developer studio, to know that the owner and the publisher are ready to take that hit.I think their shares fell 25% on the day it was announced it was being delayed. It takes so much courage to live through that day and still think that was a good decision. So for us in development, that’s an important message that ultimately the management will back up the goals that we have, which is the game has to be great.

When we go to the internal milestones, we’re constantly being pushed for more innovation, thinking further, what could you do that surprises even ourselves? What are we not doing that we could do? Have you studied the competition? So there’s never a discussion about 'just get it done guys, hurry up, we have a deadline, and it doesn't matter if it's really perfect, just get it done.'

With more and more developers feeling pressured into hitting release dates, the fact that Ubisoft is so supportive of its developers doing things right is definitely for the benefit of the entire industry, so hopefully more publishers will start taking that approach and we might see less monstrous day one patches in the future...

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