Watch Dogs in GTAV is better than the real thing


Watch Dogs in GTAV is better than the real thing

The PC modding community does some really amazing work, and the latest takes the raw material of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V and gives it a full Watch Dogs twist.

That's right, you can get the fundamentals of Ubisoft's open world hacking playground in Los Santos. And looking at what the modder has managed to achieve here, it looks like it's actually more fun than the original game. Gosh Watch Dogs was shockingly boring at times.

With the downloaded content you can play around with plenty of things in the world, including traffic lights and those traffic stopping posts which seem to be everywhere. You can also just go mental and derail entire trains and even drive cars without being in them. Best of all, is that you'll often create huge explosions, just because that's what happens in GTA.

Here's a playthrough of some of the elements of the mod.

Doesn't it look very cool indeed?

You can grab the mod right here if you're playing GTA V on PC.

Watch Dogs in GTAV is better than the real thing on
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